12. June 2018

Do you want a Job? Available jobs:
Catering & registration manager, Catering & registration staff, Photographer, Steadycam operator, 3x Judge, Pricegiving Manager and helper … feel free to contact me if you can offer any help. Click more 4 details or browse 2017 and 2016 to get an idea of what’s going on in Pettendorf.

One advice, do your practice session in Pettendorf on a date earlier than 29.07.2018. Our skatepark is small and you will not have much time to focus on that handicap. Practise for adult riders (18+ years) starts not before 15 o’clock!
New obstacles announcement
At twelve we will party on our new obstacels:
A Manual pad, a flatkinkrail, a bank and a quarter.
Sponsored by Gemeinde Pettendorf in 2017.
Contest schedule
Children + teens section
11:00 – Practice
12:00 – Official obstacle release
12:15 – Riders registration & practise
13:00 – Contest
15:00 – Final + Cash 4 Trix
15:30 – Pricegiving ceremony
Adults section
15:00 – Riders registration & practice
16:00 – Contest
18:00 – Final + cash 4 Trix
19:00 – Pricegiving ceremony
Food & Drink
Cake buffet, Wiener, Semmel, Senf, Ketchup
Spezi, Radler, Beer, Water
DJ Conrad + special guest + mega sound system

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