26. March 2008

my name’s philippe, 22 years old from france.
i’m in regensburg for 2 months and looking for people who skate.
you can contact me at filope@hotmail.fr
i’m also interested in wakeboarding so please let me know if there is anyone of you who wakeboards also. i heard steinberger see opens on april 5th.
in regensburg i live in the center : rote hahnen gasse 12. and i free almost every afternoon to ride.

Ist heute als Kommentar angekommen. Dann zeigt doch dem Philippe mal was gute Regensburger Gastfreundschaft bedeutet!

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  1. Maddin

    Welcome to Regensburg 🙂

  2. Stevelette


  3. [dan] döner


  4. mütze


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