18. November 2007

Endlich, das wohl heiss ersehnteste Skatevideo seit “Yeah Right” feierte in LA Premiere und wird auch bald in unseren Gefilden zu sehn sein! Ab 06.12. gibt’s dat thang auf DVD, bis dahin müssen die 1st impressions der Kollegen von Transworld genügen:

–Guy’s return was a damn triumphant return and it got the loudest reaction from the crowd all night. People were on their feet. Oh yeah, this is the second-to-last part.

–The first part went to red-hot wonderboy MikeMo Capaldi. Well-deserved and it’s gonna be crazy to see where this clean/tech kid goes in five years.

–The last part went to Marc Johnson. Actually, we can’t say it was the last “part” because it was actually an unprecedented THREE-part part. Heh heh, looks like we didn’t steer you wrong when we said he had 21 minutes of useable footy.

–So yeah, Koston neither had the first part nor the last part, but his footy was just as amazing. So don’t worry Froston fans.

–The intro was another amazing use of slo-mo antics.

–Biebel’s ender (a nose manny to nollie-flip down 8 stairs) was one of the most original things we’ve seen on tape.

–Pappalardo, SJ, and Welsh’s parts were on the disappointing side. Short and uninspired to say the least.

–Jesus Fernandez’s part was astounding, as was his European counterparts the French Connection and Royal Family.

–And Alex Olson’s first real part was hawt from start to finish. This kid is the right thing for skateboarding right about now.

we didn’t include anything about Rick, Mike, Cairo, and Lenoce because… well, because we wanted to give you a reason to buy the video.

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