15. June 2016


22nd edition of well known world skateboard competition – Excelent Mystic Sk8 Cup 2016 – is literally knockingon the doors … so now it is the time tho introduce some of the world class riders, who confirmed their participation in the contest and will battle for prize money of 33.000 USD.

Austen Seaholm
Mystic regular and a multiple winner is coming back to the scene of past crimes. Native of Anaheim, CA, Austen loves hip hop and apart of sk8 movies, he also starts in hip hop clips.

Ryo Sejiri
He’s a skateboarding star in his native Japan and also a regular at Mystic who took the 2013 street gold trophy. When he was 6, his friends in Japan used to say that he’s a flying t-shirt on 4 wheels. Today, he’s a pro skater who tours the world’s contests showing off his “ninja style”.

Dave Bachinsky
Born in St. Louis, Missouri and currently lives mainly in L.A. Apart from skating (he rides for 13 years), he likes bikes, mororcycles, camping and, as he writes on his website, “general adventures”. He also takes some good photos on Canon and Pentax.

Danny Leon
This Spanish rider not only dictates on a skateboard; he also has a very sharp sense of humor. One typical story. He masked as an old age pensioner using professional make up and props and took to the skatepark with a group of seniors. There, he borrowed a deck from unassuming locals and stunned them with his riding. This video is really worth watching.

Roger Silva
Originally from Brazil, Roger moved to Barcelona years ago, since the local skateboarding scene is according to him bigger and better. Although Brazil produces some excellent riders, the obstacles are often dangerous and the surface mostly not great. He sees skateboarding more as a lifestyle and a great job than sport.

Eugenia Ginepro (1989)
Argentinian skater from Buenos Aires started skating aged 12. She’s making a living as a hairdresser and in her interviews, she criticizes Argentina’s politics, poverty and paco (crack cocaine mix). She listens to rock, ragamuffin and rap.

Vanessa Torres (1986)
Pro skater from Anaheim, CA belongs to the global top of women’s skateboarding. She features in a number of sk8 movies, like AKA: Girl Skater a Getting Nowhere Faster. She also appeared in Tony Hawk’s video game Proving Ground, in which she was the third female character after Elissa Steamer and Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins. She won the first ever X-Games gold medal as a woman. Vanessa has roots from Mexixo.

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