8. June 2008

“I skate a lot with my shirt off, so working out has always been important to me. I almost have as much fun working out as I do skating. And seeing your body change, and seeing yourself get bigger and more toned and cut, makes a big difference in how you feel about yourself.

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  1. martini bianco

    Brandon Biebel.

  2. t.o

    hehe, war auch meine erste idee, but nope, dude! guess weider…

  3. Max

    mike v.?

  4. [dan] döner

    chris haslam?

  5. stevo

    ryan sheckler?

  6. jonas

    ryan sheckler
    ich bin mir sicher

  7. volker

    sheckler…for sure

  8. Buda

    Hört sich nach Peter Weichselbaum an!!!

  9. Wizzl

    shut the fuck up donny, you’re out of your element!!! und das von mr. wakeboard-oberkörper persönlich…

  10. Stefan


  11. t.o

    nicht schlecht, dudes! hier ist die auflösung:

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